Effective Burlington Dental Prevention & Cleanings

At Dental Health Group, we recognize the pivotal role dental cleanings and proactive dental prevention services play in safeguarding your oral health. Our suite of services is designed to identify and tackle dental issues as early as possible and to avoid them entirely whenever possible.

Our aim for each patient, from children to seniors, is to help them enjoy a healthy, bright smile for life. Our offerings cover a broad spectrum of needs, from routine exams and dental cleanings to vigilant gum disease monitoring and age-appropriate education offerings. Contact us today to schedule your Burlington dental cleaning and experience our comprehensive approach to your dental care.


A Personalized Dental Treatment Journey

We provide an individualized approach to dental cleanings and preventive dentistry. We know you have a unique dental history and goals for your smile. That's why our team of general dentists invests all the time needed to fully understand your specific preferences and address any dental concerns or anxieties before commencing with your care.

Our routine dental cleanings and checkups are vitally important in providing effective preventive dentistry. While they give us a chance to deliver a thorough cleaning for adults and children, we also use them to monitor overall oral health and how it changes over time. Our team gathers crucial data and compares it to previous appointments, giving us a detailed picture of trends in your oral health.

Using the information gathered during these checkups, we can create a custom treatment plan to tackle any problems we see developing. If your smile is in excellent condition, we'll create a plan to help maintain your dental health for years to come. By coupling this preventive supervision with education on best practices for home dental care, we can provide comprehensive plans that target all the diverse aspects of your oral health.

Dedicated to Caring for Young Smiles

A foundation for excellent dental health can be established during childhood, and our focus is to nurture this foundation with attentive care and dental treatments. We carefully track their dental milestones, staying vigilant for any signs of budding issues. Some of our main focuses in assessing children's smiles include:

  • Applying fluoride and dental sealants to fortify teeth
  • Tracking dental health and development
  • Evaluating the need for orthodontics

We are equipped to manage many pediatric dental needs in-house. However, if complex dental health issues arise, we can refer to pediatric specialists and orthodontists as needed.

Detailed Dental Cleanings & Preventive Services for Adults

As you grow older, your smile changes and your dental treatment approach needs to change along with it. Because our team works with a diverse cross-section of patients, we have the practical experience necessary to align our care with adults' evolving oral health needs. Our service focuses for adult care include:

  • Thorough teeth cleanings
  • Periodic digital x-rays
  • Gum disease tracking and interventions
  • Regular visual screenings for oral cancer
  • Fluoride treatments

A Modern Dental Practice

We are passionate about staying current with modern technology that makes your treatments more effective and efficient. In dental prevention, we use advanced imaging technology to gain a crystal-clear picture of your entire dentition. Tools like digital x-rays, along with iTero™ and Primescan intraoral scanners, can all provide highly detailed images of your teeth, which can then be used to inform further treatments or preventive monitoring.

Dental Prevention & Cleaning FAQs

Our team understands the need for clarity and assurance in your dental decisions. We'll always take the time to answer your questions and address any concerns that may arise. Our dentists want to help ensure you're confident in the care you're receiving. Some frequently asked questions we receive include:

Can adults get dental sealants?

While they're often associated with pediatric services, dental sealants can also benefit adult teeth. They're beneficial if your teeth are more prone to decay or you have deep grooves in your back teeth that are hard to clean.

A deep cleaning, or scaling and root planing, goes beneath the gum line to remove plaque and tartar and treats gum disease. Regular dental cleaning focuses on the surfaces of the teeth above the gum line.

Our dentists recommend visiting our office twice a year for regular teeth cleanings and examinations. However, should you be suffering from gum disease or other more complex dental issues, we may recommend visiting our office more often to maintain your optimal oral health.

Your Burlington Dental Cleanings

Our team at Dental Health Group is here to provide individuals and families with reliable dental cleanings and preventive services in Burlington. We are eager to welcome you to our practice and look forward to learning how we can help safeguard and promote your oral health. From compassionate care for children to careful gum disease treatments for older patients, we strive to cover a broad range of needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for cleanings and dental prevention in Burlington!


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