Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance Information

As a courtesy to our insured patients, we submit claims to your insurance company free of charge. We will help you to receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to do this, we need your insurance card and/or insurance policy with you on your first visit of every calendar year (your insurance year may not run January to December).

We only accept assignment of insurance benefits when the insurance coverage can be positively confirmed through an EOB at time of service and the patient is expected to pay their co-pay and deductible at that time. A credit card number and authorization form must also be signed and kept on file. If there is any doubt about insurance coverage, the patient must pay in full and the insurance will then reimburse the patient. If your insurance has not paid within 60 days of services rendered, payment on your credit card will be processed and you will be reimbursed when your insurance company pays. After 60 days, the patient is responsible to pursue payment from the insurance company. All current documentation will be provided by mail in order to assist your inquiries. The insured has a better ability to deal with the insurance company and the employer responsible for the policy.

All of our doctors will diagnose treatment based on your dental health needs, not your insurance coverage.

Please note, dental insurance isn’t really insurance at all (a payment to cover the cost of a loss). It is actually a monetary benefit, typically provided by an employer, to help their employees pay for routine dental services. The employer usually buys a plan based on the amount of the benefit and how much the premium costs per month. Most benefit plans are only designed to cover a portion of the total cost of a person’s necessary dental treatment. For example, a dentist may recommend a crown for a tooth that has extensive decay, however, the dental plan may only cover the cost of a filling. This does not mean that the patient does not need a crown, only that the benefit is limited to a filling. However, your benefits are a contract between you, your employer, and a carrier. We will assist you in determining your benefits as best we can. Because plans differ from carrier to carrier and policy to policy, our office may refer you to your carrier or your employer’s benefits coordinator for assistance in understanding your plan. You are also responsible to know your maximum allowance of benefits for that period and to pay any amounts owing to us above that amount.